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Under the leadership of energetic youth Kharel, the youth gathered to clean the temple Baisadhara

What will not happen? What is impossible? Even the impossible can be made possible from the hard work.

Similarly, the youths including Bimal Kharel from Gulmi have given a moving example of exemplary work.

A group of youths led by 32-year-old Kharel has done an exemplary job by cleaning the dilapidated temple in Baisadhara, Kathmandu, even during the epidemic of corona infection.

Kharel, who is living in Australia, had come to Nepal a few months ago for a holiday, while Yadab,who is in Japan, had come to Nepal for a non-holiday.

Kharel could not return to Australia due to the lockdown and Yadav also stopped. But he did not let the lockdown time go to waste.

His group is also joined by youths including Kripesh Kharel. They have cleaned the temple at Baisadhara in Kathmandu and the surrounding Shivalings and prepared them for the purpose.

The Shivling, which has been in a dilapidated condition due to dust and mud for years, has been cleaned and polished by a group including Kharel.

According to Kharel, about 24 Shivalings have been cleaned so far while the rest are in the process of cleaning.

Kharel said that the cleaned Shivalings can be brought into operation after painting. Kharel informed that similar social work will be continued in the coming days as well.

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